MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields

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Global mosaics of the standard MODIS vegetation continuous fields data product (MOD44B) percent tree cover attribute are reprojected into geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude on the WGS 1984 coordinate reference system (EPSG: 4326). The data set boundaries are -180.0 <= longitude <= 180.0; -64.0 <= latitude <= 84.0. The data are organized as an array of values uniformly spaced across latitude and longitude and indexed with [0, 0] at 84.0 latitude, -180.0 longitude.

Spatially aggregated data for each year in the period 20002010 are available at two spatial resolutions:

  • 5' x 5' resolution comprising 1776 rows x 4320 columns at a geographic pixel size of approximately 0.083333; and
  • 0.5 x 0.5 resolution comprising 296 rows x 720 columns of 0.5 pixels.

The global land cover data sets are available as GeoTIFF format files (*.tif) with embedded metadata or as ESRI ASCII Grid format files (*.asc) with limited metadata in header lines. Native resolution data in the GLCF tile framework are available as GeoTIFF format files (*.tif).

Code Values
Value Label
0-100 Percent of pixel area covered by land cover type
200 Water
253 Fill (null)
How to Cite This Data Set

Data set development attribution:
Channan, S., K. Collins, and W. R. Emanuel. 2014. Global mosaics of the standard MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields data. University of Maryland and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, College Park, Maryland, USA.

MODIS standard data product attribution:
DiMiceli, C.M., M.L. Carroll, R.A. Sohlberg, C. Huang, M.C. Hansen, and J.R.G. Townshend (2011), Annual Global Automated MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields (MOD44B) at 250 m Spatial Resolution for Data Years Beginning Day 65, 2000 - 2010, Collection 5 Percent Tree Cover, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.

Intellectual Property Rights

University of Maryland, Department of Geography and NASA; use is free to all if acknowledgement is made. UMD and NASA hold ultimate copyright.


Source for this dataset is the Global Land Cover Facility,

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