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Place Query

Place Tab: At the top of the map, click on the Place Tab to get the query parameter for a search by place name. The query parameter will appear below the map.
Enter Parameter: Type in the name of the place you want to search for and click on

See Available Place Names below to see what places can be searched. The entire name of the place does not need to be entered in--just type in enough letters you think are needed to identify the place. See Searching Tips below for more information.
If an Exact Match Is Not Found: Up to 10 matching place names will be shown if an exact match is not found. If one of these is the place you are searching for, click on the radio button next to the name and that selection will appear. If the list shown does not contain the place you are looking for, refine your search parameter and click on "Update Map" again.

Available Place Names

The database currently contains the following places that can be searched:
  • All countries.
  • Worldwide states, provinces, and equivalent country administrative units (i.e., Oblasts).
  • Major world cities.
  • United States cities with population greater than 10,000 (circa 1998).
We plan to add more data in the future and consider this a decent start for now. Contact us if you have an available dataset that you would like to add. Make sure to do a place search for 'go terps'

Searching Tips

It is only necessary to type in enough letters to uniquely identify a place. For example, a search for the city of "Baltimore" can be found by just typing in "Baltim". If the place name is not specific enough, a list of matching names will be displayed. A search for "Balti" is will show a list asking if you want "Baltimore, MD" or "Balti, Moldova".

Searches for states, provinces, other administrative units, and world cities can be made more specific by typing in a comma (,) after the place name followed by the name of the country. Once again, the country name only has to have enough characters to identify it. Examples of search strings and matching values are as follows:
  • "Par,Fra" matches "Paris, France"
  • "Mary,Unit" matches "Maryland, United States"
  • "Cha,Par" matches "Chaco, Paraguay"
For United States cities, the city name can be followed with a comma (,) and the USPS state code. Some city names, like Springfield, are so common that using a state code is necessary.

Matching is done based on the starting letters the place name. A query for "York" will return "York, PA" and "York, United Kingdom" but not "New York, NY". To search for any matches against the entire name stored in the database, place an asterisk (*) before the place name. For example, a search for "Korea" will match nothing, but a search for "*Korea" will match "North Korea", and "South Korea".

Some places have alternate names or spellings but the database only has one form stored at this time (usually the American/English version). We may add synonyms in the future.


The following examples show searching by a place name to find Landsat TM data.
Point data selections are shown on the map with a large yellow plus.
Polygon data selections are shown on the map with a thick yellow line.

After A Selection Has Been Made

Selection List: After a selection has been made, it will appear in the selection list below the query parameter. Each row in the list may have the following buttons described below:
Add Another Button: The row with the current selection will have this button. Click this button to keep this selection and to add in another place selection. Additional place selections will also be shown in the selection list.
Crop Selection Button: The row with the current selection will have this button if the selection is a polygon. Click this button to use this selection to crop another selection. More information on using this feature can be found in Cropping a Selection.
Remove Selection Button: Click on this button to remove the selection. If the current selection is removed, the query parameter value will also be cleared.

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