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Map Search

Step 1: Zoom In

Zoom to your area of interest by clicking on the map. Above and to the left of the map are the zoom and pan buttons. The zoom bar is found centered above the map. These can be used in the following ways:

Zoom Button: When this button is selected, clicking on the map will zoom in one level and re-center the map. This button is selected, by default, when starting a new map session.
Pan Button: Select this button if you want the map to pan to the location when clicking on the map. The map will re-center to the location clicked without changing the zoom level.
Zoom Bar: Use this bar to zoom in our out to any level without re-centering the map. Clicking the plus button zooms in one level, the minus button zooms out one level. To zoom in or out to a specific level, click any of the bars between the plus and minus buttons. Click on the closest bar to the minus button to quickly zoom back out to the global level.

Step 2: Select Datasets

Datasets are listed on the left hand side of the screen. Select the datasets that you are interested in and then click on

Areas covered by available data are shown on the map in a light red/orange color.

Step 3: Make a Selection

Make a selection by using any of the following methods: Click the above links for details on using these selection methods. Selections are shown on the map with a thick yellow line. All scenes that match the current selection are shown in a darker color. Refine searches using parameters found under the Date/Type tab. Additional layers can be added to the map under the Map Layers tab. A selection cannot match more than 600 images; if your selection has more than this, refine your search until you have less than 600 images.

Step 4: Preview and Download

Once you have data in your selection, the "Preview and Download" button will become active. Click on this button to go to the Workspace screen.

Starting Over

If you need to start over and clear your entire query, press the "Start Over" button (a power button symbol) found on the upper-right corner of the map.

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