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Lat/Long Query

Lat/Long Tab: At the top of the map, click on the Lat/Long Tab to get the query parameters for a search by latitude and longitude coordinates. These query parameters will appear below the map.
Enter Parameters: Type in the starting and ending latitude and the starting and ending longitude for your query and then click on

Entering in the ending latitude or longitude is not required if the starting latitude or longitude is the same If you are not satisfied your selection, simply change the parameter values and click on "Update Map" again.

Coordinate Formats

Coordinates for latitude and longitude can be entered either in decimal degrees, or in degrees, minutes, and seconds. Decimal degrees are simply entered in as a numeric value. To specify the hemisphere, the numeric value can be appended with either an N, S, E, or W to denote north, south, east, or west, or a minus sign preceding the numeric value can be used to denote west or south. Example of valid decimal degree coordinates are as follows:
  • -42
  • 42W
  • 42.8832N
Coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS) must be delimited by unit characters. Use the character (d) for degrees, the single quote (') for minutes, and the double quote (") for seconds. Only degrees are required--minutes and seconds are optional, but if seconds are specified, then minutes are required. Unit characters are only required if another unit follows it. Example of valid DMS coordinates are as follows:
  • 42d
  • 42d22N
  • 42d22'W
  • 42d22'44.76E
  • 42d22'44.76"E


The following examples show searching by latitude and longitude to find Landsat TM data.
To search by a point, only enter in the starting latitude and longitude values.
To search along a line, leave one of either the latitude or longitude ending values blank.
Enter in all four values to search a region that is a rectangle or square.

After A Selection Has Been Made

Selection List: After a selection has been made, it will appear in the selection list below the query parameters. Each row in the list may have the following buttons described below:
Add Another Button: The row with the current selection will have this button. Click this button to keep this selection and to add in another lat/long selection. Additional lat/long selections will also be shown in the selection list.
Crop Selection Button: The row with the current selection will have this button if the selection is a rectangle or square. Click this button to use this selection to crop another selection. More information on using this feature can be found in Cropping a Selection.
Remove Selection Button: Click on this button to remove the selection. If the current selection is removed, all query parameter values will also be cleared.

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