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Importing Text List

The list generated from the "Text List" button in the Workspace screen shows up in a different web browser window. Save this page to your local hard drive. The first row in the text file contains the name of the columns and all columns are separated by the pipe (|) character. This file can easily be imported into many applications and parsed by a script. Contact us if you want a complete or customized list of our holdings.

The following are instructions for importing this text list into Microsoft Excel.
Starting the Import Wizard: Make sure that you have saved the text file with a ".txt" extension. Open the text file like opening a normal Excel Workbook. If text files do not show up in the file browser, select "All Files" under "Files of Type" in the open file dialog box. The wizard should start and ask if the data is delimited or fixed width. Select delimited.
Import Preview: At the bottom of the Wizard dialog box, it will show a preview of the data to be imported. Check to see if there are any blank lines at the beginning of the text file.
Starting at a Specific Line: If there are blank lines, change the "Start Import at Row" value to the number of the first line containing data. In the example above, start at line three (3). Once done, click on

to proceed to the next Wizard step.
Select Delimiter: The default delimiter is "Tab". Unselect this, select "Other", and type in the pipe (|) character in the text box. Once done, click on

to complete the import.

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