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Automating Downloads

WARNING: Only run one automated session at a time and only download one file at a time. Do not attempt to mirror our entire holdings or to download large quantities (over 50 scenes) without contacting us first. We have a limited amount of bandwidth and excessive use is considered abuse of our public systems and will result in the ban of your IP address or domain. If you have any questions regarding this notice, contact us before downloading. We hope that this feature and information will help our users download data but it will be removed if it becomes too much of a burden on our systems.

The list obtained from clicking on "URL List" on the Workspace screen can be used to automate downloads. You must place results into an ESDI workspace folder for the "URL List" button to appear. This list will popup in a separate web browser window--save this file to your local hard drive.

The following are instructions for automating downloads using the command line utility wget.

Downloading wget: Get a copy of wget from the official wget web site. Binaries for Windows can be found at this mirror. When downloading binaries, get the file named wget-complete-stable.zip. Unzip and place all of these files in either \Windows or \Winnt or any other place that is in your command path. UNIX installation is not covered here. The distribution package has been built using autoconf, so a UNIX build from source is fairly straightforward. Read the installation instructions found in the distribution for more information.

Using wget: Open a command prompt window or terminal window. Assuming that the URL text file was named url.txt, use the following recommended options:
wget --mirror --input-file=url.txt --tries=0 --timeout=60 --retr-symlinks
This will download, recursively, all files found in the URL list and place them in the current directory. The tries argument tells wget to always retry to download a file on an error. The timeout argument will cancel any transfer and retry if there is no data received for sixty seconds. If wget is cancelled at any time, it can be restarted again with the same options and it will continue where it left off.

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